Sunday, November 4, 2007

guitar lessons

I started taking guitar lessons today. I bought a Taylor 314ce on eBay, have been playing it most every day for the last two weeks, and today began my journey into the extensive world of what I don't know about how to play guitar. Bass is so much simpler in many ways. I mean, who knew there were picking and strumming "patterns?" Like there's some method to this rock and roll stuff or something.

It's fun, and hard, learning new stuff. I don't have the practicing gene built into me, so I'm gonna have to be disciplined about making time to play. My intention is to actually get better, so here's me hoping I can keep my focus long enough to actually practice and get good at this stuff. One upside — my guitar teacher lives 0.2 miles from my house. I walked there. Yes, in LA, I walked. We do sometimes, you know.

I'm not nearly good enough yet to record anything for anyone to hear, but maybe someday I'll post audio up here. I've convinced Owen to sing along to You Are My Sunshine while I play it — that would be worth sharing if I can get it captured on audio or video. For now, back to Dust In The Wind.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

blog? what blog?

well, i've completely fallen down on the blogging. i started this blog a few weeks ago with great ambitions about all the witty prose i'd be pouring into cyberspace, and after only a few meager posts, it all dried up. i could come up with a list of reasons why - work got busy, we went out of town, my son got sick, i went diving, i got a new guitar - but if i were really committed to this blogging thing, i'd have been writing about all those things, not using them as reasons not to write.

so, here i am writing again. all the reasons why i didn't write before really did happen, so maybe i'll write about some of those still. my latest obsession is my new guitar - a taylor 314ce - it's quite lovely, and sound great, too. now i just need to get better at playing it. i mean, i'm ok, but barely, and this guitar deserves to be played. i'm looking into lessons. when i'm going to be able to do that, i don't know, but i'm working on it.

Friday, August 31, 2007

first photo of charlotte moody

i'm happy to report my lack of faith in my relatives was misplaced - we received a lovely photo of baby charlotte yesterday. we are told all are doing well, and we can't wait to meet the new little one!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i like this guy's blog

my blog is currently quite lacking in content. but this guy's isn't:

my blog is newer than your blog!

this is officially the newest blog. or at least it was until the instant i started it, by which point i'm sure hundreds of others started newer ones. how fast things fade.

anyway, i decided to start a blog because i wanted to share that i have a new neice today! she's so new i dont' even know her middle name, but the names i do know are charlotte moody! very exciting. so lisa and i have a neice, owen has a cousin, amy and doug have a daughter ... etc. i have little faith in the tech savvyness of my relatives to send or post photos soon, but i'll hope for the best.

that's it for today. not bad for a first post, though, eh?